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Don't let those hard-earned watts vanish into the ether with excessive drivetrain friction, causing drag at every speed, and instead invest in the Oversized Pulley Wheel System from CeramicSpeed and enjoy a reduction in power expenditure while cruising at the same speed or going faster with the same effort. It's typically harder to quantify frictional losses compared to say, aero data in the wind tunnel or grams on a scale, but if you are looking for every high-performance advantage available and don't want any excuse with your equipment on fast training rides and come race day, ceramic bearings in larger diameter derailleur pulleys is a worthy upgrade. Take a look at bikes of the GC leaders, especially on important TT stages and you'll find that many will be running CeramicSpeed's Oversized Pulley Wheel System, whether that's sponsor correct or not, for the ultimate in speed when it matters most. Now offered in a bling Gold Limited Edition colorway, you can enjoy the benefits the pros count on when reducing drivetrain friction and instilling fear into your competitors is the name of the game. This remarkable cage and pulley systems are developed and hand assembled in Denmark. The products are all tested in the lab and with feedback from professional riders and mechanics to ensure it works great in the field and installs easily. CeramicSpeed claims the OSPW System is the fastest pulley system in the world providing an energy savings of around 1. 6 watts for SRAM and 2. 4 watts for Shimano over their standard pulleys. As a bonus, CeramicSpeed's testing shows that these pulleys last anywhere from 3-5 times longer than stock. We have models for Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM eTap rear derailleurs. The OSPW System for SRAM features two 17-tooth aluminum pulley wheels with the accommodating cage made from nylon and carbon fiber and can fit cassettes up to 32 teeth. For Campy riders, the system uses a 13-tooth top and a 19-tooth bottom and provides a claimed 40% reduc...

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