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Experience effortless spinning by dropping drivetrain drag on your road, tri, or TT bike with the Oversized Pulley Wheel System from CeramicSpeed. Whether you get your kicks stopping the clock as quickly as possible on a 40k TT or dropping the hammer on double-digit gradient climbs, ridding friction at your fastest spinning bearings, the derailleur pulleys, by way of precision crafted ceramic balls and increasing the diameter of the jockey wheels will absolutely improve performance on every ride. So if you want to go just as fast as your normal average speed with fewer watts or go faster at the same power expenditure, upgrading your derailleur to this setup is exactly what the pros have been doing for years. Now in a Limited Edition Gold colorway, you'll be extra inspired by your bling as you glance down at the cassette and realize you're pushing a massive gear. It's harder to quantify frictional losses compared to say, aero data in the wind tunnel or grams on a scale, but there's a reason why you see these setups of the bikes on the pros as they appreciate saving some wattage expenditure, and the coated ceramic bearings and the large diameter derailleur pulleys offer a one-two punch against drag. On many of the GC leader's bikes, and even more prevalent on those important TT stages, you'll find CeramicSpeed's pulley wheels and cages, whether that's sponsor correct or not, as they know that going as fast as they can depend upon it. Now, you too can enjoy the same benefits the pros count on in training and racing when reducing drivetrain friction to a minimum is required. The remarkable cage and pulley systems are developed and hand assembled in Denmark. The products are all tested in the lab and with feedback from professional riders and mechanics to ensure it works great in the field and installs easily. CeramicSpeed claims the OSPW System is the fastest pulley system in the world providing an energy savings of around 1. 6 watts for SRAM and 2. 4 watts for Shi...

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