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The Verona Jersey from Castell uses the colors of the city of Verona to commemorate the location of the 21st and final stage of the 2019 Giro and is based on the Giro 102 Squadra jersey. This final individual time trial on the Torricelle circuit has been used in previous World Championships and features some interesting climbs, while the final kilometers are on broad, straight urban avenues where the clock stops in the Piazza Bra, just before entering the Arena. The Arena, built in the first century and one of the best preserved ancient structures of its kind, is artfully reproduced on the Verona jersey.The Verona Jersey uses a combination of fabrics for an optimal fit, comfort, and quick drying. Its main fabric, Velo Light is lightweight and wicks moisture while the perforated side panels promote breathability. A mesh silicone waistband keeps the fit in check while 3 rear pockets with Castelli's drop pocket design haul ride snacks and any other essentials. Lastly, the sleeve construction has a raw cut finish for comfort and a modern look.

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