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As summer gives way to blustery fall weather, rain and cold become more common companions on your training rides. If you're determined to ride through whatever comes your way, make sure you give yourself maximum protection with Castelli's Tempesta Leg Warmers. Made to be worn with the Tempesta 3/4 pants and Tempesta Shoecovers, the leg warmers seamlessly integrate to provide your legs with completely waterproof protection. Castelli constructs the leg warmers with its proprietary Nano Flex at the thigh and knee. Nano Flex is made with stretchy Thermoflex fleece coated with nanofilaments that help water bead up and roll off the fabric. While not completely waterproof, the water repellency adds some extra protection in case rain gets in underneath the Tempesta pants. The lower legs are made with Castelli's proprietary Reflex fabric, which is completely waterproof and is also highly reflective. Having reflective material on your legs as they move increases your visibility to motorists navigating dark, wet roads, and Castelli also recommends using the warmers in dry conditions as the days get shorter to keep you seen. Castelli ensures everything stays in place comfortably by including Giro3 leg grippers on the top of the leg warmers, and ankle zippers at the lower openings keep water out.

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