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For those of us here at the offices in Northern Utah, the fall and autumn riding season are short but oh so good and having a thermal jersey like the Men's long-sleeve Puro 3 Limited Edition Full-Zip Jersey from Castelli makes the riding that much better. Castelli gives it a range from 57 to 68-degrees Fahrenheit, but with some sunshine and a baselayer, we think that range is more appropriate for the mid-40s. If you don't want to mess with arm warmers or a shell, this jersey is a good option. The secret to the jersey's protective qualities lies in Castelli's use of Warmer fabric for the body and sleeves. Warmer places equal emphasis on insulation and breathability because evacuating sweat and steamy vapor from a cyclist's microclimate while riding is as important to staying warm as trapping body heat. The gripper elastic at its waist firmly holds the jersey in place eliminating flapping or any gaps between your shorts, knickers, or tights.

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