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In the rain, the Achilles heel of every shoe cover is the closure system. It's far too common for a seemingly acceptable cover to become a rain gutter as soon as the weather dampens. Frankly, we're astonished. That's why the Castelli Pioggia 3 Shoe Covers are a breath of fresh air -- they do what they say they do. With a sealed-seam design and effective ankle closures, the Pioggia 3 Shoe Covers will keep your feet dry when the rain tries to ruin your ride. The Pioggia 3s have one purpose -- keeping you comfortable in wet weather. To achieve this, Castelli started by applying a polyurethane treatment to the exterior of the covers' fabric. This improves the overall water-resistance, while still allowing a high degree of breathability. For further protection, the Pioggia uses a sealed-seam construction to eliminate any seepage from needle holes. The stretchable quality of the covers' fabric also ensures a durable resistance to either tearing or losing its shape from repeated entries and exits. Along these lines, Castelli included welded, water-resistant zippers to get in and out of the covers. And as we've been boasting, the true degree of separation for the Pioggia 3s is the Nanoflex ankle closure system. The tall cuff is snug and conforming without being restrictive. So, regardless of body type, the Nanoflex will retain a seal to prevent running water from infiltrating the covers. New to this year, the Pioggia features a light, interior layer of fleece to add to the warmth of the covers. Now, Castelli estimates the Pioggia's effective climate range to be between 46 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit. And knowing that the wet-weather rider isn't afraid to ride in low-light conditions, Castelli also included reflective accents throughout the cover for added visibility. The Castelli Pioggia 3 Shoe Covers are available in the colors Black and White and in five sizes from Small to XX-Large.

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