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It may not seem obvious, but your fingers are the first things to slice through the air when you're tucked in the aero position during a time trial or triathlon. Considering this, the Castelli Aero Speed Glove helps you shave precious time when every millisecond counts, thanks to its streamlined profile. Upon first glance, you'll immediately notice its odd-looking design, which contributes to the gloves' aerodynamic properties. The index finger and thumb receive individual sheaths, while the other three fingers reside within a separate sleeve. This slippery shape reduces wind-resistance when your fingers clutch the aero bars, especially considering the removal of all seams along the glove's backside for obsessive levels of aero-functional performance. And because they're intended for gripping securely, the palms use an Ultrasuede pad and silicone strips for high levels of tactile sensation and a sure-handed feel on your aero bars.

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