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Cheer Coach Cheering is an art. It's not about being loud or using words that rhyme. To completely perfect the art of cheering, you have to care! You have to care from deep inside of your heart. You have to care so much, that you just can't hold it in and you have to shout out some words of encouragement to your friends! That's how you become a professional cheerer, just like Cheer Bear from the Care Bears. Cheer Bear just cares so much. That's why she's one of the most-loved characters that live in Care-a-Lot! If you want to perfect your own skills in cheering, then you may just want to take a few coaching lessons from the pink bear. In fact, you might even want to dress up like her with this Care Bears Cheer Bear costume. Design & Details This delightful costume is officially licensed and was designed by our expert costume designers. They've captured the very essence of Cheer Bear! It comes with a bright pink, faux fur jumpsuit. The front has a large white patch on the tummy and, of course, it has Cheer Bear's rainbow Belly badge in the center. It fits with a zipper in the back and has a little tail attached to the back. The hood is designed to look like Cheer Bear's face and it even has a pair of ears on the top. To finish the whole look off, it comes with a pair of mitts and foot covers to keep you looking like cheeriest bear around! Unite The Team When you're dressed up as Cheer Bear, you'll be ready with words of encouragement for everyone! Be sure to pair up with our other Care Bears costumes to get the whole team together. Then, you'll be able to perform the Care Bear Stare.

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