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If you're planning to ride through the winter months, we have a hard time overstating the benefits of having the Capo Roubaix Knee Warmers stashed in your drawer. In addition to providing valuable insulation to your knee, hamstring, and quad muscles, the Roubaix also has a versatile enough construction to allow you to use it throughout the cooler months. In early fall, you can start a ride with the stretchy knee warmers, then take them off and stash them in a jersey pocket or saddle pack without having to make elaborate rearrangements on the side of the road. As fall continues, the Roubaix paired with thermal bibs gives you knicker-level protection, with greater flexibility. The Thermo Roubaix fabric used for these warmers lives at the corner of flexibility and insulation, which is why it's the base material featured throughout virtually all of Capo's cold-weather kit. Thermo Roubaix's hollow-core weave increases insulation by creating pockets of trapped air, a design that mimics merino wool. It also accelerates moisture transfer from the skin to the quick-drying surface, and the brushed lining positions a soft, lofted fleece layer next to your skin. A touch of silicone and elastic at the hems prevents the warmers from wandering as you ride.

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