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Scrubby brush, unrelenting sun, and a punishing grade: California's Mount Diablo makes for a damn good time whether it's a part of your regular Saturday morning ride route or you only visit as a roadside spectator in May. Towering over San Jose, this memorable climb starts off difficult and stays that way as its serpentine road meanders upward, with little shade to be found. As we considered our latest collaboration with Capo, the iconic climb was an easy source of inspiration. Featuring Competitive's iconic dots, Capo's uncompromising construction, and the spirit of Diablo, the Capo Diablo Short-Sleeve Jersey aims to inspire you on your most grueling efforts. Built on the platform of Capo's Corsa jersey, the Diablo features Capo's airy Micro knit fabric working to keep you cool when the pavement is radiating warmth and there's no shade in sight. Capo uses a 13-panel construction to achieve the jersey's more relaxed fit, which in cycling translates to a well-tailored, but not skintight, silhouette. Mesh inserts under each arm further encourage ventilation on rides when the air seems to stand still, wicking moisture when you're searching desperately for the next flat spot or a miracle granny gear that's nowhere to be found.

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