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Campagnolo. The name resonates in the heart of every bike aficionado, and in some cycling languages, translates to 'the best product money can buy.' For decades, Campagnolo has been at the forefront of technological innovation, continuously redefining what can be dreamed and what can be created; it has now surpassed our dreams with the creation of Electronic Power Shift, or EPS. A precise, reliable, and accurate electronic shifting system is remarkable, but it loses meaning without the touch and thrill of user engagement. The direct connection between the rider and the ride of a lifetime is at the heart of the beautiful and ergonomic Record 11 Ergopower Shifters. Record 11 EPS differs little from its big brother, Super Record 11 EPS, and the same goes for their corresponding EPS shifters. The Super Record 11 EPS Ergopower Shifters' have an almost negligible weight advantage, making the Record 11 EPS shift levers the choice for canny consumers looking to lessen the hit on the wallet of the EPS technology. Campagnolo broke the mold, quite literally, of lever design when it developed the EPS to surpass its mechanical shifters. While competitors integrated an adjustable lever position into their existing shifters' designs, Campagnolo engineers conducted studies on the ergonomic functionality of shifters to develop the e-Ergonomy Evolution, a re-design of the esteemed Ergopower Levers. Along with new dedicated hoods, the new levers follow the contours of the hand to create more contact and control, direct powerful braking, and full lever usage from any forward position on the bars, and for any hand size. The position of Lever Three, for downshifting, has also changed from the mechanical Record 11; it's now swept down into a smooth, longer contour that requires less compression, and nearly eliminates the long reach of its predecessor. The new Lever 3 makes the downshift more accessible from deep in the drops and more comfortable from the hoods. As expected, Ca...

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