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A cassette is like a soccer referee--you hardly even know it's there if it does the job perfectly, but it can ruin an entire event if it doesn't. If we keep that analogy rolling, the Campagnolo Record 11 Cassette is a hall-of-fame level official, one that can only really be appreciated after you've had to deal with the crappy dad-refs of the world. The Record 11 is virtually identical to the Super Record 11. The only meaningful difference is that the Super Record features six titanium cogs, the Record features only three, in the three easiest gears, while the other eight cogs are made of nickel-chrome-coated steel. Apart from this, the two cassettes are identical. The Record 11 features the same Ultra Shift technology, which includes things like cog-tooth synchronization (for easy and snappy chain transitions between cogs) and certain shark-fin teeth (to encourage easy upshifting). It's designed to work with ErgoPower shift levers to make shifting 13% easier, according to Campagnolo, and the whole thing weighs just 24g more than the Super Record, a weight gain that's more than offset by the increased durability.

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