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Campagnolo expands their offerings with the new Chorus 12 groupset, bringing the 12-speed precision shifting we've seen in their Super Record and Record groups to a broader audience of riders. The Chorus 12 Ergopower Shifters have a refined ergonomics and provide two different lever positions to adjust the levers to your personal preference and hand size. Like the previous iteration, the shifters have dedicated up and downshift levers for positive gear changes in either direction and feature Ultra-Shift, which provides multiple-cog shifting capacity. Ultra-Shift allows you to dump up to three harder gears in the sprint and upshift up to five cogs for easier pedaling while going into the base of a climb hot. Campy worked tirelessly to remove any lag in cable pull while shifting for instant derailleur engagement on the front and rear. As such, shifting is faster and more precise even while under a load. With the Chorus's rapid shifting, it makes swapping the chain between the rings easy and intuitive both on the hoods and in the drops. Add in the trim adjustment that lets you use all 24 gear combinations without chain rubbing and you have a serious rival to any electronic system. Another returning favorite is the Vari-Cushion hoods, which incorporate varying densities of silicone and a waffle pattern on the inside for additional cushion that takes the sting out of rougher roads. The pebbly texture underneath the hoods, as well as the groove channels at the top, provide plenty of grip whether riding in the rain or during long summer climbs. The levers also feature a distinct and comfy shape, that simply disappear in your hands and is the ergonomic king in our books. Paired with an optimized brake pivot point and signature double curve lever blade for a powerful braking position in the hoods and drops and you have some supremely comfortable levers while shifting, slowing down, or just cruising in the pack. Compared to Record and Super Record shifters, the Chorus ...

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