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Despite its classical heritage, Campagnolo never seems to cease searching for progress, pushing yet another gear into the rear cluster so we can run a wider cassette than ever before, with minimal teeth jump between cogs for crisp and precise shifts that transition smoothly across the gear range. And with its introduction of 12-speed transcending across Super Record, Record, and now Chorus, a new chain was necessary to accommodate the tighter cassette spacing, and two-by-twelve application, and Campagnolo's Chorus 12 Chain is crafted to achieve just the spacing needed with a slim 5. 15mm width that's built to work with the thing spacing between cogs. The new chain may look similar to its Super Record sibling, and you wouldn't be wrong, Campy pours in trickle-down technology like the slim profile, and Ultra Link pin system, however it carries a bit more material with solid pins as opposed to its hollow-pin sibling, adding in grams to scale in 23-grams heavier than the Super Record counterpart. The Chorus 12 chain opens up options for your Campy 12-speed drivetrain, offering compatibility with Record and Super Record as well. Its minimal width prevents interference between the tightly spaced sprockets and chainrings, so its quieter and quicker-shifting. The re-shaped pins and outer links further contribute to its quick shifting, and combined with the hollow pins, the chain weighs in at a modest 243g -- a hard weight to beat for a durable solid-pin chain. Campy further treats the chain with a special lubricant that ensures its smoothness, precise shifting, and long life. While the new chain is thinner than the 11-speed Chorus, Campy claims that its just as durable and lasts just as long as the previous version -- something reassuring when you're slamming into the big ring on punchy climbs. Please note that, given the nature of the Chorus Chain's Ultra Link design, it requires the Campagnolo UT-CN300 chain tool for installation.

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