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When you're staring down a steep and gnarly chute in sub-freezing temperatures you need your gloves to do two things--keep your hands warm the whole way down and give you the grip you need to white knuckle those poles until that seemingly sheer face mellows out. The Camp USA Hot Dry Mitt'N has you covered on both fronts with warm PrimaLoft insulation and a hybrid design that allows for more comfortable finger movement as you ski. The separated fingers inside the mitt still allow for the warmth-sharing benefits of a mitten, but let your fingers move more comfortably and grip your poles better as you shred through technical terrain. Plus, the palms are outfitted with durable leather and special pads to ensure that all that added dexterity doesn't go to waste without some grippy material keeping a solid hold on your poles. Waterproof protection comes by way of a DryZone membrane that shuts out snow, ice, and slush to keep your hands away from heat-robbing moisture, while an adjustable neoprene wristband provides a well-insulated seal against the frigid cold.

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