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Wildly popular back in the day, step-on bindings had long since been relegated to the dustbin of snowboard history--until now. Designed to let you click into your board much more quickly than traditional strap-in bindings, the problem with step-ons was never the idea, it was the execution. They offered poor response, shaky support, and dubious security. Burton made sure to address and overcome all of that when designing the new, revolutionary Women's Step On Snowboard Binding. Unlike step-on bindings of the past, which basically featured a metal plate that the sole of your boots would click into, Burton's new design features a traditional highback and a responsive baseplate to give you the feel and support of a standard difference. The big difference is that instead of ankle and toe straps, it features three connection points (one in the heel, two by the toe) that securely lock you into your board. One minute you're riding the lift, the next you're clicked into your bindings and pointing it towards a big park jump or a steep line with complete confidence.

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