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Turning your PJs inside out, flushing an ice cube down the toilet, sleeping with a spoon under your pillow--we all have our rituals to bring the snow, and once it hits you'll be glad you're riding in the Burton Ritual LTD Snowboard Boot. One of the lightest and most comfortable boots in Burton's lineup, this boot has everything you need for a long season of snowdancing your way up and down the mountain. It's got the freestyle flex you want without sacrificing response when you're charging natural terrain and slashing powder, and boasts tons of features to keep you comfortable and warm while you ride. When you've just gotten back to the lift from a real ripper of a run the last thing you want to do is stop and take time to adjust your boots, which is why Burton's Speed Zone lacing system is your new best friend. It's got quick adjustment of both the top and bottom of the boot, ensuring that your fit is as tight or loose as you want throughout the boot. On those truly frigid days Sleeping Bag reflective foil and DryRide Heat Cycle lining ensure that all of your heat stays inside where you need it, while the DynoBite EST outsole provides lots of traction on the board and in the parking lot. It also features responsive cushioning that won't lose its form and support at the first sign of a few hard days. Add in an Imprint 3 liner that conforms to the shape of your foot throughout the season, and you'll never have to hit the slopes without comfort and performance again.

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