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For discerning female riders, the Limelight Boot is a go-to staple in Burton's line, thanks to its versatile, mid-range flex that conquers everything from thirty footers in the park to fresh pow in the trees. The Burton Limelight Step On Snowboard Boot gets Burton's Step On technology, which aims to make strapping in as effortless as possible, but without sacrificing one bit of support for charging the mountain. Step On technology pairs with Burton's Step On Bindings (both Felix and Limelight Step On Bindings), engaging quickly and securely to prevent energy loss through toe and heel lift. It's surprisingly simple and intuitive to click in, requiring you to step into the binding without messing with pesky binding straps. The toe cleats engage into the front to lock-down the toe from lifting, while the rear cleat engages the heel with its self-tightening teeth. Overall, the system's simplicity is its biggest strength, allowing you to drastically reduce the time spent getting into your bindings, so you can spend more time doing what you love. Seeing the Step On system forgoes binding straps, the Limelight Step On Snowboard Boot compensates with its Boa Coiler dial for a secure, locked-down feel without any heel lift sapping your energy transmission. The tongue-mounted Boa dial tightens the boot's upper and lower zones, as well as wrapping around the rear heel to prevent dreaded heel lift when you're carving at higher speeds. It's powered by New England Ropes for greater security and strength, as well as a bit more natural flex than what you'll find with the competition's steel Boa cables.

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