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A supercharged version of the Burton's iconic Custom, the Custom X Flying V Snowboard offers a stiff flex and progressive profile to create a modern all mountain board that lets you push your riding from the park to the trees. The Flying V profile places generous rocker between the bindings, allowing more effortless float across deep, untracked powder. Rockered transitions at the tip and tail take the bite off the original Custom X, preventing you from unexpectedly catching an edge and tumbling down the mountain. It does retain camber underneath the bindings, allowing you to turn quickly between trees and snap off the lip of natural hits and cliff drops. To further add stability and all around versatility the Custom X features a mid-stiff flex that supports hard charging. Additionally, Frostbite edges extend ever-so-slightly underneath the bindings, digging into variable snow and ice where rocker-dominant boards usually struggle. State of the art is an understatement when it comes to the board's Dragonfly core. This core is lightweight without sacrificing an ounce of strength thanks to a robust yet feathery end-grain wood placed in high-impact zones. Squeezebox High core profiling lends instantaneous response and ferocious snap by placing carbon fleece into thicker zones just outside the bindings. Carbon Highlights High Voltage act as a snappy and stabilizing backbone with a tip-to-tail carbon layer and integrated carbon strands within the fiberglass matrix.

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