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If you're even a little bit intrigued with fat biking, no time is better to pull the trigger and get on board. More and more riders are getting out and hitting the same trails you enjoy during the summer all year long, even if that includes a blanket of snow. A monstrous set of knobby tires floating on top of snow and busting through crust conditions is a blast and a good way to keep your wheels rolling year around. These bikes are more versatile than you would believe with the ability to cover sand and gravel during other times of the year as well as an excellent vehicle for loaded bikepacking trips. As an exclusive manufacturer of fat bikes, Borealis was one of the first crafting high-end versions and they have had their finger on the pulse of the movement since day one. Get out there and enjoy the winter on two wheels with a 2018 Borealis Crestone X01 Eagle Complete Fat Bike. By constructing the frame from carbon fiber, Borealis saves weight and adds stiffness to the Crestone relative to aluminum builds. Quick handling and lightweight are still important on fat bikes, and you'll appreciate pedaling less mass around on longer rides or if you toe a snowy start line. Not unlike an XC race bike, Borealis gave the Crestone a relatively steep 70-degree head tube angle and a shorter reach to keep you in a comfortable position and help quicken the steering of that big wide front tire. The geometry is also well suited for touring over terrain that may or may not have seen a bicycle tire, fat or otherwise, before. Rolling down groomed snow trails or linking up spots along the coastline, the Crestone's burly 4in. tires will happily tackle the range of conditions you throw at them with plush, grippy traction. The rigid carbon fork helps lighten up the front end and with big fat tires mounted to carbon rims with less than 10psi in it, who needs a suspension fork' SRAM's Eagle X01 drivetrain offers dependability, consistent shifting, and wide range for tackling any adven...

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