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If you're looking at this bike, please remove any preconceived notions that fat bikes are slow. While it might not be quite as fast as an XC whippet on some fast singletrack, the versatility of Borealis' 2018 Crestone GX Eagle/Bluto Complete Fat Bike allows you to ride in terrain that leaves that same cross-country bike scrambling for traction. The Crestone takes the performance benefits of carbon fiber and utilizes it to build up a lightweight and responsive fat bike that is a blast to shred in the winter on snow, yet quick enough that you'll continue to ride it all year long on sand, alpine grass, and whatever other floaty surfaces come your way. The Crestone's carbon frame is the same stiffness as Borealis' other carbon frame, the Echo, but the Crestone is a claimed 150g lighter. Its advanced carbon molding techniques and production allow for the weight savings without deviating from the high standards placed on stiffness, impact resistance, and fatigue durability. The weight loss is appreciable in every riding scenario, as it's less mass to accelerate and decelerate letting you ride faster and for longer with less fatigue. Schwalbe Jumbo Jim tires set up on 80mm wide HED Alloy rims ensures proper floatation over loose surfaces and offers plenty of traction. The Crestone also strays from the Echo with regards to the frame's geometry. The Crestone has a slightly shorter top tube and stack, which combined with a slightly steeper head tube angle offers a livelier ride. The top tube drops by half an inch reducing the standover height. This build gets a SRAM GX 12-speed drivetrain which we have used and is highly applauded on our day-in and day-out trail rigs. The Bluto fork lets you charge just as hard over snowy and icy conditions as you would on your trail bike in hero dirt.

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