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You are looking mighty dapper today old sport, what did you do differently? A new hat? A new pair of pants? Now, it is at this point in the conversation - and this conversation is sure to come up in your life, this jacket is spiffy after all - where you should be sure to let your companion guess for a little while, a little joking never hurt anybody. When you finally take pity, you can tell him that, although you did get a new haircut last week, they are probably referring to your new Boater Jacket. If, after this point, they ask you where your boat is, you can make the executive decision of whether or not you share your boat with them... Going for a little ride on a steamboat? Did you plan on hopping on deck while wearing your old jeans? Not on our watch! This boater jacket comes with a style straight from the 1920's. It gives you that vintage feel that every dapper young man needs to feel every once in a while. This jacket features a blue and grey striped design and is 100% polyester. White buttons are donned on the front, perfect for when the sea breeze is a little chilly and you need to button up. Two pockets are also featured on the front of this boater jacket. Pair it with a walking cane, bow tie, and a classic boater hat for the most sophisticated look of the night!

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