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It's a Cinch This corset isn't a piece of clothing you'd want to nap in. But we have to say that corsets have come a long way from when they first rolled in on the scene. For one, it's pretty awesome that we don't have to wear them every single day, anymore. Corsets used to be pretty intense, with tight straps giving ladies, gents, and even children a fashionable wasplike shape. In the beginning, it was a simple panel, keeping everything in place. Then, after the industrial revolution, whalebone gave way to steel and corsets got intense. The waist got smaller and smaller leading to a need for fainting couches for ladies who couldn't climb stairs without passing out from a lack of air. So saying goodbye to Victorian corsets is a cinch but we have to say, we'd never say so long for good! Product Details The perfect accent for all sorts of costumes from pirates to dance hall girls! The black corset points down in the middle, giving skirts an extra flounce. The top frames and flatters your figure. It threads up the front to bring you into the past while refraining from squeezing you in the good ol' intense Victorian fashion.

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