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Stohlquist Neoprene Water Moccasin Kevlar Socks - The Water Moccasin socks are a classic moccasin design brought full circle into a high tech neoprene sock for paddlers and stand-up paddleboarders. These socks give both intimate contact foot control and fit easily into the smallest of play-boat front quarters. The unique Kevlar sole rolls up around the foot on all sides with a simple gathered seam in a style originating among North American Indians. All assembly seams are set high so you're not rubbing against them with each step or shifting in your boat. The Kevlar(r) soles also give you great comfort and control when sup'ing, too! And when you need to portage, the socks slide easily inside sandals to keep your feet warm and protected for longer hikes. When you're looking for more than a sock but not quite a shoe then look no further than the Water Moccasins.

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