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Compatible with any avalanche beacon, the iProbe One 260 revolutionizes avalanche search and rescue by building a low range beacon into the probe tip, widening your strike area while providing optical and acoustic feedback to help pinpoint burials. Especially handy in multiple burial scenarios, the iProbe disables found PIEPS beacons to help aid in the search for the next victim. And of course, the iProbe 260 also a functions as a standard probe, with a collapsible, easy to deploy design, wide-cone tip for penetrating avalanche debris, and added length for Rutschblock tests and other snowpack analysis. In actual use this is an invaluable tool since it allows you to get within 3 feet or less of the victim without having to worry about inflicting more harm to the them. Also it helps cut down search time by pinpointing the victim so you can minimize digging time and increase survival rates. One of the best innovations for avalanche rescue gear in recant years. Features: Clear and simple activation/deactivation for intuitive use Innovative probe tip with integrated receiver aids in avalanche beacon search Optical and acoustic target indicator for easy detection Marks and deactivates found PIEPS beacons to aid in multiple burial scenarios Quick closing latch for reliable locking and efficient assembly of the probe Coated for added grip, even with winter gloves Centimeter-scale to estimate burial depth and for snow profiles Easy to fixate with velcro strap Collapsible for easy packability Extra length for snowpack study

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