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We all have our go-to shoe. Some people wear white sneakers with everything, from jeans to dress pants. Other people prefer an ankle boot or flip-flop, and for some reason, people stick to these types of things year round. When you're dressing in costume you simply can't wear your everyday shoes or the allusion of the costume will be ruined. Imagine a 1950's housewife in sneakers, actually, maybe that would be too cool. Imagine her in Crocs, there, see? Not cool. You need something attractive and yet simple that'll go with all of your creative get-ups. These black heels will go with just about anything. Wear them with your poodle skirt or with your superhero leotard. People have been wearing simple black pumps for years so they go with any AD costume from Medieval lady to the modern matriarch. They'll never take away or distract from the ensemble and they're low enough to tango in without too much trouble.

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