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While we've been enjoying the burgeoning trend of bikepacking, there's still no replacement for packing a bike and flying around the world in order to experience life on two wheels in distant locales. Whether you're checking off a bucket list of ride destinations or want to experience the routes of cycling's marquee events, BIKND's Helium V4 Bike Travel Case will help your machine arrive without any hiccups. The Helium V4 is BIKND's ultimate travel case, combining a host of innovative features and thoughtful design elements that privilege frame protection and traveling convenience. Of that roster, the Helium's standout feature is the inclusion of built-in airbags that swathe your bike in a protective sandwich. The airbags are made from a tough, 420-denier nylon and inflate with an included pump that enjoys its own compartment on the case's side when it's not in use. When it is in use, the airbags create a shock-absorbing, load-bearing cushion between your frameset and the depredations of travel. We've all seen what enthusiastic baggage handlers and un-attended conveyor belts can do to luggage, and the thought of sending a 16lb carbon fiber race machine into that thresher is easier to bear with the Helium's air padding. The frameset itself is secured and protected by an internal series of sleeves and straps, a foam block for the bottom bracket, and a fork mount. The chainrings and chain get their own dedicated cover, the handlebar and stem strap to the fork, and BIKND includes a quick-release skewer with a dummy axle in order to brace the stays. There is capacity for two wheelsets, so you can spend a week in Northern France alternating between riding over punishing cobblestones with box-section alloy rims and the punchy climbs of the Ardennes on 38mm carbon tubulars. The wheels are secured with BIKND's hubcap system, which is compatible with quick-release and thru-axle systems. The Helium V4 meets TSA regulations, and it's finished with external wheels to help ...

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