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Netherworld Nuptials The caterers have been called. The preacher is here, though he's a little ghoulish. Looks like we're ready to get this show on the road. Oh, what about the ring? We can't forget the ring! Let's hope your guy remembers to take the ring off of his ex's finger before he puts the ceremonial jewelry in his pocket. No one wants corpse fingers at their wedding. Even Ladyfingers are more for wedding showers rather than the reception. Here's a question though, where do you think your husband to be is going to take you for the honeymoon? Maybe you'll lounge on the beach on the Island of the Dolls in Mexico. Or perhaps you'll tour the skull-lined catacombs of Paris. Hey, you guys could even find cute little B&B in the City of the Dead in northern windblown Russia. When you're undead elite, the macabre vacation opportunities are endless! Product Details You'll look like you're straight out of the movies when you put on this vibrant red dress. The bodice is a silky red and has a v-neck with a feathery neckline and ruffled shoulders with a ribboned trim. The red lace makes up a high neck and has three keyholes along the chest. The skirt has layered tulle and a sheer red ribbon lined overlay that matches the shoulder ruffle. Top it all off with the red veil and you'll be ready for your strange romantic ceremony. Wicked Wedding Bells While you could wear this to your actual wedding, we wonder what your folks would think. Most people expect fewer ghouls on their daughters special day. Instead, you could get into the romantic mood by pairing this ensemble with a gristly groom. You two will look picture perfect when you step out together, we think it's about time that wedding romance got a morbid twist. Hey, you know what they say. One woman's nightmare is another woman's wedded bliss!

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