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The Beal Stinger 9.4mm Unicore Dry Cover Rope is a single rope for skilled climbers. The Dry Cover treatment boosts the ropes resistances, providing additional deterrence against abrasion, moisture, dust and dirt so you can climb with it for longer. The Unicore Tech bonds the sheath to the core for extra strength without slippage in case a sharp edge cuts the sheath. At only 59g/m, you'll be happy to haul this rope just about anywhere. No bees, wasps, or their stingers were involved in the making of this rope. Features of the Beal Stinger 9.4mm Unicore Dry Cover Rope For use by High grade climbers An incredible number of falls for its weight and so smooth running that it results in an appreciable saving in energy when clipping Fuschia (F17) rope Features a Unicore/Dry Cover treatment, while Fuschia rope Features a Unicore/Golden Dry treatment

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