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Tear through the terrain park like a tornado and leave a wake of destruction in your path with the Bataleon Disaster Snowboard. Built with a soft flex, twin shape, and durable construction, the Disaster is the team choice for jibbing in the streets and letting loose in the park. The low camber profile delivers pop and control without digging in too much to help prevent catching on rails or jibs. Jib 3BT has the widest center base of all the 3BT flavors to help you lock into rails and stomp big urban drops by uplifting the sides of the nose and tail, which also helps flotation and sliding across metal and plastic features. The Core core is composed of poplar wood that maintains crisp ollies and lightweight construction, while beech stringers add strength to handle daily rail assaults. A biax laminate allows for additional flex and is easier to manipulate, while the Super Slick extruded base is specially-formulated to be more durable than other extruded bases while still offering a low-maintenance package.

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