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Are you ready for a finger-snapping, foot-tapping good time? Is your voice rested well enough to belt out your Barbershop favorites like "Come Fly with Me" and "Sweet Georgia Brown?" Do you have the obligatory tan top hat, slender cane, black kicks, and all-white get-up, but you're missing a little something? Well, if so, you'll be brushing up on more than "Sweet Adeline" when you put on this Barbershop Quartet Vest! In fact, we have it on good authority you'll be brushing up on your tip-tapping and quick-snapping and falsetto-singing, because-in this 100% polyester, v-neck striped vest-all the industry luminaries of yore will be clamoring to work with such a dapper young gent. The thing about this vest is-and we mean this-if you achieve any modicum of fame while wearing it, you are contractually obligated to share it with us. Best of luck out there, young chap!

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