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You Glow, Girl! A good Halloween party is dimly lit, if not really, really dark. Dim lanterns hang from twisted trees, dripping white candles decorate the mantle, perhaps a black light illuminates a scary nook or cranny. You know, it's the stuff of true terror (in the most fun way possible!). So what if you're planning to meet someone at one of these parties, but it's too dark to make out any faces? Just tell them to, "look for the girl with the spidered hands, aglow," and BAM-you've got your very own Halloween persona. Just like that! Product Details This set of Spider Glow Rings comes in a bag of 4, so you can decorate multiple digits for the festivities (or you could share 'em)! Each ring is large enough to get noticed on its own, but once you activate the little glow stick that goes inside, there's no going back. You're officially known as Spider Gal, now! Ring Master We don't like to pick "winners" at Halloween, but...oh who are we kidding? You totally won the prize for most inventive and captivating calling card, this holiday. We can't wait to see what lurks around the corner for next year!

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