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Continuing the brand's search for perfection, Assos soars forward with its new featherweight shades to tackle the tarmac -- the Zegho G2 Interceptor Cycling Sunglasses. At first glance it's easy to see parallels between previous models of the Zegho to the new frame, and while those queues still propel you forward with fashion-packed technology, you'll find a little more of a performance-minded approach taken with the G2, combining some of the industry's finest minds to blend together technology that truly exceeds the competition, thanks to Carl Zeiss lenses, featherweight frames that mold to you, and feedback from Assos' own elite professional riders that enabled fine-tuning the Zegho to higher standards than ever before, so you can soar forward with eyewear so light you'll forget they're even there. The Zegho glasses (pronounced Zay-go), is a different beast than the typical eyewear we come across in the sporting world. Just by glancing at them you'll find that the design cues look to come from the runway shoes used for debuting Assos clothing lines. The look not only stands out against others, but turns heads. The Zegho is futuristic while being contemporary, and balance aesthetics with practicality. These attributes are quite typical of Assos, which is evidence that its design is just as smart and thorough as its paradigm-changing bibs and jackets. Assos paired up once again the lens pioneers at Carl Zeiss Vision, who lead the race to find the most progressive and technology-laden lenses on the market. Zeiss has a reputation for providing lenses of amazing clarity, and you'll find just that with the Interceptor Black lens featured on this particular model. Interceptor Black uses a deeper, grey tint than its counterpart, the Dragonfly Copper, which transmits less light to enhance contrast, and shield your eyes on the brightest days when the glare is fierce and the sun is spiteful. The elevated contrast provided helps improve clarity of potholes and variations ...

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