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We'll be the first to ask the question everyone's think: What could possibly set a rain glove apart as a luxury cycling item' Assos, as usual, is the first to answer: Fit. Of course, we didn't really ask that and the Swiss brand didn't really answer in so many words; instead, the rainGlove_evo7 Gloves provide the answer just by existing. The latest generation of Assos' rainGlove builds on the predecessors' reputation for fit and function by subtracting seams and adding yet more protection. They're still made of waterproof neoprene, but the reduced number of panel junctures means there's even less of a chance for pernicious water to infiltrate the gloves and send your ride spiraling into a cycling of getting wet, getting cold, and stopping to call for a ride home. Despite the reduction in panels and seams, Assos still manages to strike those fit notes that keep us coming back to the brand time and again. The low-volume neoprene material is laid-out in a pattern articulated so well that doesn't quite equal the bar feel of classic knit gloves, but it comes damned close. It also does so while fending off chilling road spray and precipitation--something knit gloves are more apt to collect en route to becoming a sodden, frigid mess--and the palms are finished with a subtle grip texture to keep your hold on the hoods secure. As with the previous iteration, the current rainGloves are well-suited to the mid-range temperatures of early fall and late spring by themselves. In temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, pair them with an inner layer like Assos' own tiburuGlove_evo7 or any other knit-type cycling gloves for increased insulation. The rainGlove also lets you wipe water away from your glasses, keeping the road in focus when precipitation exacerbates potential road hazards.

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