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When two companies love each other very much, we get to see something magical happen. Brains are pooled together to create a whole new love-child, like the Assos Kask Jingo RS Helmet, which combines the two companies' shared passion for constantly striving to create the best products in the cycling industry into one stunning piece of protection that's tried and tested, and sleek as can be. The Jingo is based on the Protone platform that you've seen before in Kask's lineup, but packs in Assos-exclusive refinements that build on the Protone's already coveted skeleton. The Jingo utilizes in-mold construction of a polycarbonate shell bonded with an EPS foam body, all of which is built on a frame designed to let the helmet absorb impact while still maintaining enough structural integrity to see you safely through the duration of a crash. While safety is a helmet's first (and usually last) job, there are certain benchmarks that today's industry expects top-end protectives to meet. The current frontrunner in this category is aerodynamics, and the Kask ran the Jingo through the expected wind-tunnel paces in order to design a model that dodges the wind whether you're head-on in the drops or in virtually any other cycling posture imaginable. The second consideration is cooling, and unlike many of its competitors, the Protone doesn't sacrifice ventilation for aerodynamics. In addition to the immediately obvious vents and rear exhaust port, the Jingo incorporates Coolmax padding. Coolmax padding equates to more efficient moisture transfer and evaporation to complement your body's natural cooling process. They're also odor-resistant, removable, and contribute to the comfortable, personalized fit of the floating Octo Fit cradle and corresponding ECO Chinstrap. And of course Assos wouldn't put its own twist on the Jingo, employing a tidy matte-grey finish with the Werkmannschaft graphic that we know hosts quite a high reputation. Further, Assos makes sure that the helmet i...

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