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Switzerland is well known for its amazing cycling, both on and off-road, thanks to its mountainous landscape, and we're glad that Assos made the decision to add mountain bike clothing to its already impressive road clothing lineup. No doubt, Assos has a reputation as the company for high-end road clothing, so it's also no surprise that the H. rallyinnerShorts S7 incorporates elements from the same shorts that earned Assos the reputation as "the bike shorts company." Some brands skimp on its mountain kit assuming that riders don't ride for as long or won't appreciate the finer details instilled on its road kits. That doesn't cut it with Assos and its mountain bike offerings are every bit as refined as its road apparel. The shorts feature a lighter version of the compressive material used throughout the S7 line, so they provide soft, breathable comfort beneath whatever baggies you choose to wear them with--though Assos purists will likely want to pair them with the H LlalaiCargoShorts s7. With the exception of the seams, which are external, and the pockets for padding, which is removable, the H. rallyinnerShorts S7 largely takes design cues from the road-specific Mille shorts. These include the confidence of a stay-in-place, low-pressure waistband and the cushion of Assos' endurance-minded Mille chamois. Assos being Assos, the latter of which is obviously the key feature. An 8mm-thick memoryFoam material is cut into two pads shaped to support your sit bones. This foam was first introduced with the venerable _s2 FI. 13, as its material properties let it compress and immediately return, effectively filling the gaps created between body and chamois throughout the pedal stroke or while shifting in the saddle The memoryFoam isn't a homogenous material; rather, and in true Assos form, it's a complex gestalt of myriad materials. The first two layers are the brand's superAir and waffle composition, which provide perforated padding that increases breathability and to she...

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