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If the day's ride calls for winding roads and dappled shade, it may be a good idea to tuck an Assos Men's FF_1emergencyWindvest_evo7 Vest in your pocket to fend off the occasional chill. A unique piece that Assos dubs "micro-volume chest protection", this half-length vest provides protection where you need it without any extra fabric where you don't. A byproduct of this design is ridiculous packability, and the vest scrunches down to share space with a tube in your rear pocket or tucks neatly into an empty water bottle. As an update to the previous version, Assos utilizes a grey tone fabric that's exceptionally lightweight, minimizing bulk while providing the wind protection you need. Slight reshaping at the shoulders and hems minimize excess fabric, and large strips of reflectivity increase visibility to other road users when the clouds roll in. As a final touch, Assos adds a water-repellant finish so you'll always be prepared if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

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