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Ditch the maddening lines and tracked-out snow of resorts and use the Arbor Coda Splitboard to guide you to pristine backcountry lines instead this winter. The Coda Splitboard is based off the freerider's favorite Coda, but with a reclined version of The System Rocker for increased skinning contact. Balancing out the board's full parabolic rocker, the Grip Tech sidecut adds two extra contact points for improved edge hold when you're making jump turns down steep, icy chutes and traversing across wind-buffed ridges. The medium-stiff flex and directional twin shape maximize versatility for attacking a wide range of terrain, from open powder bowls to steeps above treeline. Since it retains a centered stance (along its effective edge), the Coda Splitboard lends itself to throwing spins off cliff lines and floating backside 180s off windlips into fresh powder. Karakoram clips actively join each half together, allowing for a solid feel underfoot without the excess slop plaguing earlier, more primitive splits. Boasting Arbor's lightest construction, the Highland core lends a feathery feel on the way up, all without sacrificing stability when you're charging down a myriad of backcountry terrain. Mixed Glassing is Arbor's most versatile fiberglass lay-up for confidently handling any situation you find yourself in. Carbon Uprights run vertically from each binding zone towards the tip and tail, increasing stability on landings and improving snap off natural hits.

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