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The Allurette washer has been designed for home and travel use to make the hand washing process easy, fast, and mess-free. Overview The Allurette(TM) washer is the new sister product to the Scrubba wash bag. It features a more subtle washboard, and excels at gently and effectively washing virtually all delicates and hand-wash only activewear. Small loads can be gently and effectively washed in just minutes. It is perfect for fashion-lovers with lots of hand-wash only clothing, parents who need to wash baby clothes, active women, the environmentally-conscious, travellers and those with sensitive skin. The Allurette washer is slightly smaller than the Scrubba wash bag and weighs just 112g (< 4 oz.). It is twice as effective as hand washing and a lot more hygienic that a dirty hotel sink. Features & Benefits: Small loads can be washed at home or when travelling in just minutes Suitable for hand wash only clothes including most active ware, lingerie, lace, underwear and baby clothes Protects skin - clothing is washed inside the washer while rubbing the outside, so exposure of water and detergent to skin is minimal. Microbial and hydrolysis resistant polyether TPU Folds down to pocket-size and is small enough to take anywhere Grip circles on the outside prevent sliding on surfaces when washing Transparent 'window' to see washing and filling levels Picture instructions printed right on the outside of the bag Valve to release air Saves you money and time doing laundry while travelling Suitable for virtually all cleaning other than dry clean only - always read the wash label carefully. The Allurette when laid flat measures approximately 49 cm x 26 cm (19.3 x 10.2 inches). When conveniently rolled and clipped the dimensions are 13 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm (5.1 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches). Allurette(TM) Washer FAQ How does the Allurette Washer Work? For a machine quality delicates wash, use a few drops of a specialised handwash or delicate liquid detergent and gently rub the clothes for 2-3 minutes. For stubborn stains, the clothing may be gently rubbed for longer and/or the clothing may be allowed to soak in the Allurette washer prior to rubbing. If soaking clothing in the Allurette washer, ensure the Allurette washer is stored upright (e.g. seal facing upwards) to prevent water wicking through the seal. How much clothing can be washed at once? Effective at cleaning a few delicate items at once, whether it be a couple of pairs of underwear, a bra and a camisole or yoga pants and a sports bra. While the Allurette can hold more clothing, the washing efficiency may be reduced if too much clothing is added. Can I use hot water? Due to the waterproof lining in the bag, we recommend that water no hotter than 50AdegC (122AdegF) be used. Simply put, if it is too hot to hold your hands in, the water is too hot for the Allurette. It is important to read the care label on each clothing item carefully as different fabrics require different water temperatures. Some fabrics need to be washed in cold water to prevent damage. What laundry product should I use in the Allurette? We recommend the use of specialised handwash or delicate liquid detergent. We've found the use of liquid detergents to be more efficient due to the extra time it takes to dissolve solid detergents (powders, leaves, etc.). Using a liquid enables active suds immediately, reducing the overall time required for a wash. Mild baby shampoo (without conditioning additives that may add wax or oils) is a good choice for hand-washable silk fabrics. It will clean the natural protein and revitalize the fibre. You can test for quantities of different cleaning products in the Allurette by checking the amount of suds visible through the clear section of the bag. If you still have suds after 30 seconds of rubbing, then you can probably reduce the amount of detergent for the next load. Optimising the amount is not only better for the environment, but will also minimise the amount of rinsing required and reduce your washing costs over time. Avoid the use of detergents containing harsh chemicals, bleach or ammonia as these ingredients will not only damage your delicate clothing but will reduce the Allurette's longevity. How do I dry my clothes? For Drying - After rinsing the clothing, gently squeeze the excess water from the garment. Do not twist or wring the item as it may stretch the fibers and ruin the fabric. Lay your just-washed garment on a clean, dry towel, patting it into shape. Roll up the towel, encasing the garment. Gently press on the rolled-up towel to encourage water absorption. Repeat with another clean, dry towel if the first one becomes saturated. Always follow the

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