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When you're going on a safari through Underland, Wonderland, or time itself, there's very little you can do to prepare yourself, but one thing you CAN control (and should control) is your fashionable accessories. They should really be top notch and reflect your whimsical nature while also complementing your surroundings. Because looking good on your journey can make it all the more successful. Not to mention, when you're known as a hatter, you really ought to have the best selection of hats for every occasion... This Safari hat looks exactly like the one worn by Johnny Depp in the hit Disney film Alice Through the Looking Glass. It's got the old green tint (as if it's seen a thousand jungle treks) and an exotic red band around the crown. There's really nothing like heading out on vacation, or getting out there and finding out what your destiny is, or you know, just wearing a cool hat. If any or all of those things sound good to you, then what are you waiting for... wear this hat and start exploring!

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