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Despite the fact that the Aire Puma Raft and its felid namesake don't even remotely share the same species, the two share one major trait: they're both ambush predators who swiftly tackle their objective. In keeping with a puma's predatory instincts, the Puma Raft prefers difficult-to-maneuver terrain thanks to a short and stiff design to maintain unimpeded levels of maneuverability. Contrary to a puma's solitary behavior, the Puma Raft is best used when operated by a team of two to four people. To achieve such anthropomorphism, the Puma Raft is constructed with narrow beams, high bow rocker, and a curved design for a stealthy, powerful feel. This construction allows the Puma to drop technical rapids and narrow creeks alike. On the other paw, the Puma is more than adept at bringing a little bit of rocket power to class II or III waters. And in keeping with Aire's famed raft structures, the Puma has welded seams for added durability, a thick PVC-coated outer material that's durable and responsive while the internal Aircells ensure that the floor stays rigid and buoyant. As with all Aire rafts, the floor lacing ensures quick bailing and offers multiple ways to adjust the thwarts.

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