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The Aire Lynx II Tandem Inflatable Kayak rides up and over waves, cruises through tight and tricky sessions, and plows through holes to be one of Aire's top performing tandem river runners. Its designed for day trips with your paddling partner or for solo extended river trips through foam and flats. The removable and adjustable seats and cargo loops allow you to customize the craft for whatever adventure is in store for you. The basics of this boat are two PVC tubes filled with three AIREcell air chambers on each side. PVC weathers the wear and tear of high volume rapids or low-flow rock runs. The combination of robust fabric and rigid rails allows the Lynx II to have high stability and control. Its Leafield B7 valves only let air flow one way, meaning flipping in the middle of a raging river still won't cause these super-sealers to leak. Finally, the self-bailing floor sheds water before water-logging your gear.

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