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Product Condition The Aero Race 60 Limited Edition Jersey - Mens is in Excellent condition This jersey has been owned for 30 days This jersey is new but is missing the tags The material is clean and doesnt have any stains or holes The zipper functions as it should Sold as is all warranty is voidSize Unisex MColor Black2Retail Cost 15995Castellis latest version of its slippery top the Aero Race 60 Full-Zip Jersey is the culmination of everything its learned about material and design and is distilled into its fastest jersey to date The jersey is optimized at the real-world speeds we often find ourselves riding 18 - 34mph and the human body makes up the majority of watt-sucking drag on our rides This sixth revision of its aero jersey is more aerodynamic and better fitting than ever by optimizing fit paneling and seam placement The fabrics used provide superb breathability and ventilation to help ventilate while youre pushing the pace Aero Race 60 Limited Edition Jersey DWGASLI

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