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The annual sorcery tea is coming up in a few weeks. It's all organized, the country club is booked and they've lined up a fantastic orc orchestra. The Coven Committee found a great caterer that specializes in frog leg pA'tA and finger sandwiches. There's going to be an impressive variety of teas, from Wormwood to Motherwort, there will be an herbal tincture for every attendee. Now that the planning is finished up, the only question is, what hat will you wear? You wore your white pointed hat last year, and though everyone complimented your take on the classic, you noticed it washed out your green complexion in photos, so you simply cannot wear it again. You considered your lace hat with the velvet bats and even the cap with a stuffed cat on it that your aunt Mildred gave you, they seemed over the top. Don't go letting your cauldron bubble over in stress, we have the perfect hat for you. This classic take on the pointed hat adds a simple fabric bow to the back. Those other witches will never know you were sweating your ensemble. Now, if you could just choose which broom to fly there on!

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