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If you have ever wondered why your mutant broccoli monster costume isn't getting the scares you were hoping for, or why your fancy tailored green tuxedo just doesn't look as dashing as you were expecting, take a look at your accessories. You can put all of the detail you want into the body, mask, and limbs of a scary monster costume, but if you still have human hands and feet, it's just not gonna fly! Or, if you show up to a dinner party in a well tailored, custom designed tuxedo and overcoat, but you don't have the gloves to match, it's going to look like you forgot something. So, have you caught onto what we're getting at yet? You need a pair of these Green Gloves! These stretchy, green, adult-sized gloves are the perfect accessory for your green-themed costumes and everyday wardrobe. You'll thank us when you are out in your leprechaun costume, and you need to slap someone with a glove to challenge them to a duel!

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