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The whole point of having a jester around is to make everyone laugh, right? Well, technically their job is to keep everyone entertained, which doesn't mean cracking-wise all the time. If you're wondering what people really find entertaining, this Evil Jester Costume will help you get into the properly mischievous spirit. When you're thinking like a creepy jester, you'll be surprised of all the ways you can think of to keep people entertained, without necessarily making them chuckle. For instance, you can hide their car keys, which is always a fun time. Or, maybe put fake cockroaches in their sandwich (or real ones if they are in dire need of entertaining), or switching out their favorite beverage for something terrible tasting. What a riot! And there's always our favorite, the classic "make mysterious bloody-looking foot prints around someone's house" trick. Oh boy, if their boredom hasn't been relieved after that, then they must not want to be entertained! Of course, you can't just go around doing these things in your everyday clothes, or else everyone would be missing out on the best part of the joke. Let the jagged lines, and the alternating black and red colors of this evil jester costume do some of the creepy work for you. Speaking of creepy, the little plastic skulls dangling from the collar and from the top of the curled hood add an unsettling effect to your look, which also match the sinister grin on the spooky vinyl skull mask. Even if nobody is laughing out loud when you go out in this diabolically festive costume, we're sure you'll still get everyone's blood pumping!

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