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Do you think these new skinny jeans are totally bogus? How are you supposed to be groovy when you're all wrapped up in tight denim. Where's the flared leg to accentuate your sweet dance moves? And where are all the wicked colors and patterns? These modern boring clothes are a real downer. If you want to feel the current of peace, love, and harmony, these sweet threads will get you in the mood. The 70's were a pretty groovy time. Hippies were still going strong, encouraging the message of peace and love. And the amazing trend of Disco was beginning. Starting as an underground movement in clubs it quickly spread into a worldwide dancing fever. The attitude spread not only to clubs, but to everyday fashion, TV, and radio. Which was how the 70's were overtaken by bright colors and twisted patterns and chunky jewelry. Wearing this ensemble you'd look totally at home dancing to that funky beat under the lights of the Disco ball. The top is tied in back so you can tighten and loosen the fit easily. The pants are super comfortable, allowing you to conquer the Funky Chicken once and for all. When you try on this outfit you might find that you come down with a case of disco fever. Don't be concerned, disco fever is a lot more fun than most illnesses. When you dress in your disco gear, the whole world becomes a little more groovy. So, take some time to connect with your inner dancing queen, the world will thank you.

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