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Everyone has their own strategy for finding Waldo. Some scan the page from left to right and work their way down, while others try to find his signature red and white colors standing out from his surroundings Sometimes, though, he gets crafty and sets up decoys or stands waaay in the background so he can only be noticed when you're looking directly at him. On rare occasions, he'll even get pretty confident and hide right out in the open and under your nose. When you finally find him giving you that big goofy grin, after looking for what seemed like hours, you feel like a total goon for letting him outsmart you like that. Actually, one of the most effective ways of finding someone is to try to become them, and now you can do that to help you find Waldo with this Adult Deluxe Where's Waldo Costume. The matching red and white striped acrylic sweater and stocking cap seem like they would make you stand out in a crowd, but if past experience has taught us anything, you'll just blend right in. A pair of round plastic glasses are also included so you can see the world through the eyes of the most famous hide-and-seeker in history. This costume will help you fit in wherever you go, whether you're hanging out at the beach, a medieval castle, a giant candy cane factory, or even the Moon! (Don't ask us how you're going to get to the Moon, though.)

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