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Enough of all the Batmen in the world. Ugh. Like we haven't seen that costume before. Does anyone else feel like you run into a Batman on every single street corner? It's like, "hey kid, stop hanging around in alleys". Right? Fortunately, we can move on past Batman and delve into the richer characters of Gotham. While we're at it, let's kick Robin to the road too. Batgirl, now that's a superhero. Before she was Oracle she was Batgirl. Before she was Batgirl, she was sweet Barbara Gordon. And guess what? She kicks butt no matter what role she's in. Sound familiar? Maybe like someone you know? Maybe someone you see in the mirror? That's right! Don't deny it, you kick some serious butt. You're a do-gooder, a powerful woman ready to protect the innocent and fight for justice. That's why you're here, to assume this great mantle. The weight of your duty as Batgirl is heavy, much heavier than the costume itself. But you're strong, ready to wear it, ready to spread those bat wings and fly out on your own. For justice! It doesn't hurt that the costume looks great on you. That jumpsuit with its back zipper hugs you in the right places and those arm gauntlets are perfect for showing off your strength. You don't just still in fear in the criminal underworld, but envy too. They can't help but admire how well you pull off that cape. Face it, Batman might be the money of the whole Bat-family, but you're the talent, you're the brawn, and you're most certainly the beauty (sorry, Robin). So suit up, Batgirl. Gotham needs you!

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