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Perks of a Princess Princess Jasmine really has that perfect princess hair. How does she do it? Even when she's sneaking out of the castle to see the sights of Agrabah, she still has that perfect hair! Well, she IS a princess, so maybe she has a personal hairstylist that helps her out each morning. Us non-princesses? Well, we need a little extra help too! That's why this Aladdin Live Action Jasmine Wig is so great! Product Details This wig is an easy-to-use accessory, inspired by the Disney movie. It features synthetic black hair and is shaped into Princess Jasmine's ponytail, complete with sectioned bands. It fits with an elastic band and a mesh net on the interior, making it a one-size-fits-most wig for adults. Just add it to your Princess Jasmine outfit and you might just be ready to head on an adventure of your own! A Whole New World If you're a fan of the empowering princess from the movie, then this is the wig for you! With a look that comes straight from the movie, it's the easiest way to complete your Aladdin inspired cosplay outfit. A whole new world of adventure awaits you and your new hairstyle!

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